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Room For Both

Sep 6, 2018

We're in part one of our discussion about spiritual deconstruction, in which we'll be processing our own experiences of breaking faith structures, who has helped us navigate the waters, and some things we've learned along the way. Nic’s up first and shares with us the story of how her relationship with God, the church, and her understanding of the Holy has transformed over the last several years, as she's found herself at the intersection of conflicting messages, difficult circumstances, and a faith that continues to beckon her.


In this Shoot The Breeze, we utter the term “dry tinkle." So. You’re welcome for that. But before we (ahem, Mere) uses such a remarkable phrase, we talk recipes from a dinner party we had with our college crew the night before. 

Here goes....

If you’re not following Bakerita (Rachel Connors) on Insta, YA NEED TO BE. If you are ever in need of delicious dessert recipes, Rachel is your girl. Her No Bake Cherry Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache did not disappoint. (Cue Meredith eating everyone's leftover crust as she cleaned up the dishes...)

Here are the other recipes we mention: Paleo Lettuce Wraps + Walnut/Mushroom Meat Substitute + Cilantro Lime Rice

And of course, the mighty Instant Pot- revolutionizing cooking for non-cooks and cooks everywhere! (3-MINUTE CHICKEN NOODLE DISH, ANYONE?!) (See below for the pic of the noodle dish Nic mentions by Pinch of Yum.)

We also mentioned the glory that is Queer Eye. Tell us you are already watching this show.

Okay, whew. We can be friends.

We must know: What is your favorite episode?!

And to finalize our Shoot the Breeze show notes....may we now present, the Antoni and Christian Bale comparison:

Twins, right? Thank you. (Please picture Mere in the background shouting, "I MEAN LOOK AT THEIR MOUTHS. THEY HAVE THE EXACT. SAME. MOUTHS. IT'S UNCANNY!")
Now moving into our Processing Out Loud segment…
If you find yourself on any kind of deconstruction journey, Mere highly recommends Jonathan Martin’s book, How To Survive A Shipwreck. He speaks with authority and vulnerability, compassion and resilience. (Also of note: Jonathan has a podcast, Son of a Preacher Man, that is particularly wonderful and also touches on themes of deconstruction.) 

Nic also mentions a church she and her husband, Jeff, attended when they lived in Atlanta- Kairos Church- in case any of you Atlanta dwellers are interested in a space that feels as refreshing and honest as an AA meeting.

Finally, Nicole recites a Richard Rohr quote saying, “The church is both my greatest intellectual problem and my most consoling home.”

Friends, if you want a voice to speak with tenderness and grace to you wherever you find yourself on your faith journey, might we recommend some readings by Richard Rohr? Nic is currently reading ‘Falling Upward’ and Mere is reading ‘Simplicity’. These are just two of the MANY books he has written. His words are like taking in a deep breath of air that your soul has needed to inhale for a long, long time. (Also of note: Father Rohr appears a couple of times on the Deconstructionist Podcast and each of the episodes is magnificent).

Thanks for traversing with us into the wild, glorious territory that is the deconstruction of faith. We will be curious if any of you have experienced faith deconstructions of your own!
-Nic & Mere