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Room For Both

Jun 19, 2018

We're chatting all things Brene Brown. From the takeaways we've gained through her books, to the perks (and challenges) of being vulnerable, we explain why we're so into this shame researcher from Texas and how her principles have made our lives and relationships richer. You'll also hear a bit more about why we started this podcast, as well as some products we're currently LOVING.

Here's a list of the things we chatted about during the show: 

Y'all. This deodorant from Primally Pure is no joke. We both use the Lemongrass scent and it is the first natural deodorant we've used that ACTUALLY WORKS. They have other scents- Geranium and Lavendar- as well as a Charcoal Deodorant. Let us know if you try the other scents! (We are not sponsored and have no affiliation with Primally Pure.) We're legitimately happy (and fresh smelling) customers!

Ok- onto Hotel Born, the Kimpton Hotel Mere and Scott stayed at in Denver. They quite literally have a staff person in charge of curating playlists for different environments within each of their hotels across the country. Pretty legit. Find them on Spotify. Oh! And find the other gal Mere mentions: Monique Volz (aka @ambitiouskitchen) on Spotify too.

Here are the books we mention in the podcast:

Mere LOVES the Mark Hyman food book and has found it to be SO clarifying for figuring out (finally) what is actually GOOD for our bodies, the planet, the people who grow the food, etc. And of course, here are the Brené books we reference- Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, Braving The Wilderness and The Power of Vulnerability, which Nic and Jeff listened to via Audible on their drive home from Colorado to Georgia for Christmas.

Finally, the book Meredith briefly discussed about the body remembering and holding onto trauma (not by Dan Allender as originally thought, but by Babette Rothschild). And we just had to include one of Meredith's all-time favorite books, that she can't remember where in the podcast is mentioned, but feels sure it was... Jen Hatmaker's For The Love. Get ready to wet your pants in public from laughing so hard.

Some of the people we give a shoutout to in this podcast, in case you're interested in giving them a lil' insta-follow:





Ok. One final thing. We couldn't leave you without some info on the recipe Meredith is RAVING about during the podcast outro. If you missed it, it's right at the end (just when you think we're done talking) after the exit music is finished playing. I (Nicole) cooked this shrimp/kale/cauliflower dish for Mere the night we recorded this episode, and it is DELICIOUS. If you don't know Lindsay over at Pinch of Yum, check her out- Nic's favorite food blogger!

We so enjoyed this discussion and hope you did too. Please join the conversation we're having on Instagram- we'd love to hear your "Brenéd" story!

Until next time, friends.