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Room For Both

Jul 10, 2018

We chat with Sarah Jackson, founder of Casa de Paz and host/friend/advocate to thousands of immigrants who have been detained in the United States. The Casa's mission is simple: Ease the isolating experience of immigrant detention one simple act of love at a time.

We had such a rich conversation with Sarah that we've split this discussion into two parts. Join us this time as we learn where Sarah got the idea to start Casa de Paz, who she's met along the way, and what she hopes we can all walk away from this discussion understanding about immigration.

Show Notes

Here’s a list of things we chatted about during the show.

Ina’s Roast Chicken: GUYS. This chicken. So easy, so moist, so stinkin’ lovely. Feeds 3-4 easily and makes the BEST leftover chicken stock. Ina can always be trusted. Also: crunchy chicken skin. Need we say more?

We also discussed a zucchini puree that Mere served under the chicken. You can find that recipe over on her food IG account @perptuallypeckish. It is DELICIOUS. 

Albion Fit: REAL CUTE swimsuits that are appropriate enough to wear in front of your father-in-law. Can we get a witness?! Our suits are here, here, and here (See Nic rockin' her Izabal bottoms and Weekender Switchback crop top below.) 

Bonus: Albion has stuff for men and kids, too. High quality, super chic, and worth every penny. As usual, we are not sponsored or affiliated in any way, just HAPPY consumers.

And, of course, VOXER! We don’t know what we’d do without it.

We use it incessantly to talk all things podcast and life. Mere also loves it to keep up with her girlfriends spread across the country- they have a group thread which has immensely helped everyone stay in touch. Also, Nic loves how much Mere uses it; she never gets overwhelmed by the amount of notifications after a full day of work. ;D

Lastly, Nic mentioned Diane Guerrero's book, In The Country We Love: My Family Divided. It's a good read if you want to hear a firsthand account of someone whose life has been affected by deportation. She also provides a peak into her journey breaking into the acting world, in case that rings your chimes.

Thanks for entering into this conversation with us. We're eager to hear what you're thinking and doing to connect with this topic and the people at the heart of it. Stay tuned for Episode 3, where we'll continue our chat with Sarah and unpack our yes-and moments. Until next time, friends! 

- Nic & Mere